Conquering Cultural Barriers

Sharon is a student who joined Bellaire this past August. Not only was it her first year here at Bellaire, but she had just recently relocated from Mexico. She didn’t know the school, city, neighborhood or English language. Her first days were extremely hard- she was so scared and spent her mornings in the nurse’s office. Sharon suffered from anxiety and stress about going to school each morning.

After CIS began working with her, she slowly started to open up and make new friends. Her Project Manager began meeting for lunch and encouraged conversations with the students around her. Now, Sharon is a whole new girl! They have been practicing her English and she has even written her CIS Project Manager thank you letters in English. This is a dramatic improvement. Sharon is no longer afraid to speak and constantly seeking new words to increase her vocabulary. Her new understanding of the language has helped Sharon’s grades improve to reach her goal of making the A honor roll.