Crowley High

When CIS first started working with Jonathon, he was failing two classes with a zero in Physics and Math Models. He was simply not attending class and not doing his classwork. After talking with Jonathon, our CIS Project Manager (PM) found that he was having trouble at home and had given up in school. At this point, he thought he could never graduate with all the incomplete credits stacking up.

The PM arranged a meeting with the counselor to assess his class credits. This meeting was an eye-opener for Jonathon when he realized that he actually could graduate. The PM facilitated meetings with all of Jonathon’s teachers and the Assistant Principal, who were all willing to assist Jonathon if he worked hard to complete his assignments. The PM got him enrolled in Compass to recover his first and second semesters of Math Models.

Since the intervention, Jonathan has passed Physics with a 91, is working to complete his Math Models in Compass (a credit retrieval program), and is continuing to attend Eagle Academy (an attendance retrieval program) to recover credit. His next goal is to complete his Algebra credit. His PM is ecstatic; she says, “I am so proud of this student and it helps me remember why I love my job!”