Crowley High School

When 16 year old Jasmine started as a sophomore at Crowley High School, she used words like “stupid”, “worthless”, and “useless” to describe herself. She often skipped class because she felt left out amongst her peers, and she felt she lacked the intelligence to complete her school work.  Jasmine was sent to truancy court for her frequent absences. She expressed that she was simply “biding her time” until she was old enough to drop out of school.

When school faculty and staff saw Jasmine struggling, Communities In Schools began working with her. CIS began to check in daily with her first period to ensure her attendance. When she was absent, the CIS Project Manager, Ms. Hannon, would drive to her home to take her to class. CIS would continue to check on her throughout the day to reduce her tardies. Jasmine’s teachers soon began praising Jasmine for her improved attendance, commenting that she was completing her work and seemed more invested in her education.

As the weeks went by, Jasmine became more open and willing to discuss her life. CIS discovered that her lack of self-esteem and ambition were a result of sexual abuse. CIS enrolled her in a social skills group which allows her to learn how to establish healthy relationships.

While Jasmine was improving her self-esteem and her academics in high school, she was still very reluctant to consider post-secondary education. Until, that is, she attended AT&T’s Aspire Mentoring Academy, a program focused on high school success leading to college and career readiness. AT&T encourages students to earn their high school diploma so they can begin careers in technology. Since attending the Aspire Mentoring Academy, Jasmine is very motivated to complete high school and start a career.

Since working with CIS and Ms. Hannon, Jasmine is passing all of her classes and is one point away from the A/B Honor Roll. With the help of CIS and several caring teachers at CHS, as well as a renewed belief in herself, Jasmine has become a motivated, self-assured young woman.