Empowering Students to Graduate

Senior year: a time for fun, friendships, prom and graduation. Going to the movies, shopping and going out to eat are typical activities for high school seniors. However, making friends and going out is not as easy for those who struggle, like Emily at Azle High School.

Ms. Haas first met Emily at the beginning of the school year and spoke with her mother who needed to have water and electricity turned back on. Emily’s mother had struggled financially since becoming a single parent and needed help. Ms. Haas talked to her about the CIS program and how it benefits not only students but also the families at home. Emily’s mother agreed that CIS would benefit Emily and her younger brother. Ms. Haas was able to use the family crisis fund to pay for utilities, which was a great start to the school year.

When Emily and Ms. Haas first met, Emily’s goal was to be less shy and make more friends, which meant improving her self esteem. She also felt very stressed at home due to her family’s burdens, so they addressed how to cope her emotions. Emily became noticeably less withdrawn as she built great relationships with CIS staff. Her teachers even reported significant improvements in her self esteem. Emily graduated June 1 and has a very promising future ahead of her!