Parkway Elementary

Kevin is a second grader at Parkway Elementary and has been enrolled in the CIS program for two years. He and his family had a very positive relationship with the CIS Project Manager. When Kevin’s family experienced an unexpected tragedy, the CIS Project Manager was there to help.

Kevin’s oldest brother passed away from a sudden heart attack. Throughout the school year, Kevin had latent emotions surface about the loss of his brother; the family was grieving, and did not know how to handle Kevin’s new emotions. They immediately sought out the CIS PM.

Our PM was able to direct the family to one of our partners, The Warm Place, to help with grief counseling. After being introduced to the organization, Kevin and his brothers were able to deal with the emotions that had been buried inside. As continuing therapy, the PM allows Kevin in her office whenever he feels sad, and they have a journal to record his thoughts.

Kevin’s mother is comforted to have the ongoing assistance of her CIS Project Manager. She says, “I have a sense of relief when leaving my kids at school because if they’re having a bad day, they may come see CIS.”