Snapshot For Principals

The purpose of this one-page document is to give Principals who are considering a CIS program some insight into what CIS brings to schools. CIS is the nation’s largest stay-in-school program and locally, is the only program allowed to office full-time staff inside public schools and the only such program partially funded and administered by TEA. Research commissioned by TEA documents CIS as the only program in America which can prove that it both reduces dropout rates and improves graduation rates. Research also indicates that schools with CIS retain teachers at higher rates than schools without CIS.

What CIS Provides:

- One full-time Licensed Social Worker who is officed in your school.

- A Licensed Master Social Worker who supervises the school-based social worker and who spends approximately 20% of her time on your campus – assisting, brokering resources and working with students and/or parents.

- Intensive case management for a minimum of 80 students (usually closer to 88) who are identified by school staff as those most in need of special assistance in order to succeed in school.

- CIS staff will work with your Counselor, Assistant Principal, School Nurse, and others to provide services that may not be currently available or not available in sufficient quantities. We do not duplicate the efforts of your current staff – we add to the total school’s capacity to serve students.

- CIS staff will work with you and your staff to assess the needs of your school and its students and families. Based on this assessment, a written campus plan will be developed and then coordinated and approved by you. This becomes our work plan for the school year.

- CIS staff will broker into your school help from community service providers (80+) to meet the specific needs of your students. We supervise these providers and assure quality services.  

- CIS staff will build relationships with case-managed students and their families. This builds the trust needed to do the often sensitive work that is needed to help students succeed.

- CIS staff will do home visits. This helps us assess the needs of individual families.

- Staff will assist families with basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, safety & transportation.

- CIS staff (when necessary) can transport students and families to needed community services which otherwise might not be accessed (dentists, medical appointments, public assistance appointments, etc.)

- CIS staff will specifically work to increase parental engagement in student success in school.

- TEA collects CIS data on all case-managed students and provides us with documented outcomes in areas of grades, attendance, behavior, dropout, promotion, and graduation.

In the words of one area Superintendent – “For about the cost of a part-time teacher’s aide, we can have a full-time social worker who can deliver proven results. We don’t even need to provide supervision or HR services.”

Districts Served:  Azle, Birdville, Burleson, Crowley, Everman, Fort Worth, Granbury, H.E.B., Keller, Kennedale, Lake Worth