Watauga Elementary

Brianna is a fifth grade student at Watauga Elementary. She was first referred to the CIS program by the school nurse, who noticed that Brianna exhibited poor social skills, was struggling academically, and had caused several classroom interruptions due to her behavior.

Brianna was enrolled in the CIS program, and immediately established a healthy rapport with the CIS Project Manager. She joined a girls’ discussion group focusing on self-esteem, social skills, and relationship building. Additionally, she participated in Homework Club in the afternoons. Brianna soon began to make progress, and her teachers soon saw significant behavioral and academic improvement.

During the third six weeks, however, Brianna’s progress began to decline. A teacher reported her inability to focus and control impulse, and she was placed in In-School Suspension (ISS) for hitting another student. Our CIS Project Manager immediately investigated this behavior, and called home to speak with Brianna’s mother. This is how the Project Manager learned that Brianna had not been taking her medication; the family car had recently broken down, and her mother had no way to get to the doctor. Our Project Manager immediately offered encouragement and support, along with transportation to the appointment over Thanksgiving Break.

Returning from Thanksgiving Break was a new beginning for Briana. She made tremendous improvements and exhibited academic ambition and drive. Her goal was to make the AB Honor Roll and represent her classroom in the school Spelling Bee. The Project Manager continued to work with Brianna’s family, and CIS was able to provide Christmas gifts and necessities.

Our Project Manager explains, “Just making a simple phone call and offering transportation is sometimes enough to motivate someone. One small action can set off a chain reaction that can have many positive results.” Brianna continues to be praised by her teachers and is making significant progress.